brickfast panel, AsTech Associates
AsTech Associates, brickfast panel

The BrickFast™ Panel makes installing thin brick affordable, simple, and fast. Our custom-made, engineered steel panel supports the thin brick veneer on both commercial and residential buildings. It’s the perfect product for renovation and new construction.


The standard BrickFast panel is made of 28-gauge, architectural-grade, G60 hot-dipped, galvanized steel.  It meets or exceeds the ASTM A653, E330 (transverse wind load), and E514 (water penetration).


We are proud to be the national distributor for the BrickFast Panel system.  Our Brickfast panels have been used on hundreds of projects nationwide, as well as in select locations in Canada and Qatar.  We're confident that the BrickFast Panel System is simply the best way to install thin brick.

It adds value to any project while offering a cost-effective method of installing thin brick.  Panels are lightweight and promote moisture drainage.

The BrickFast Panel System is the only panel that is specifically designed to take advantage of the dovetail backs of thin brick.

With  the BrickFast panel, installing thin brick is efficient and effective.  The panel is ideal for installing both dovetail and cut-back thin brick.

brickfast panel, AsTech Associates
brickfast panel, AsTech Associates

AsTech Associates is co-creator of the patented BrickFast Panel System, a revoluationary new galvanized steel panel. It is ideal for thin brick installation, as it simplifes the installation process on any project. The BrickFast Panel system is made of industrial-grade steel, and it is created to last. Using our panel is an easy and cost-effective way to install dovetail thin brick.


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