What service areas do you cover?

We sell our BrickFast Panel system nationwide and throughout Canada.  We also sell thin brick nationwide.  For stucco and crushed glass, we cover the Mid-Atantic region.


What size are your BrickFast panels?

Our panels are 4'x4' and 2'x4' for field panels. Corner panels are 5 " x 4' x 5 ⅜"


What thin brick manufacturers do you custom-make your panels for?

We custom-make our panels for Endicott Clay Products, McNear Brick & Block, MetroBrick, and Continental Brick.


What mortar mix do you recommend with the BrickFast Panel system?

We recommend a pre-blended mortar mix designed specifically for the BrickFast Panel system. Contact us for more information and to place an order.  If you aren't using our mortar mix, we suggest using a type-S with an acrylic additive.


Can you send me stucco color samples?

Yes! Please call or e-mail us. We will be happy to send you some literature.


Do you sell synthetic stucco & hard coat stucco?

Yes, we do! We sell both, as well as stucco accessories, like metal lath and trim.


Do you arrange shipping?

Yes we do.  We ship via LTLs, flat beds, and bulk tank trucks.  Contact us for freight rates.